About - Horses for Healing Nebraska
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Horses for Healing

Equine Therapy & Research Center | Firth, Nebraska

Horses for Healing was formed by a group of horse professionals, parents, teachers and healthcare specialists with the belief that there are people in our community who can benefit from the unique healing power of horses.


While our first priority is to serve people, we also place value on providing evidence-based research to back the activities our riders engage in. We are collaborating with colleges and healthcare systems to improve the quality of the research in the benefits of equine therapy.

Our Mission

By using both horse interaction and horseback riding, Horses for Healing; Equine Therapy and Research Center helps people of all ages and abilities overcome physical or mental challenges so they can live a more fulfilling life.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone in Lincoln and the surrounding areas will have access to equine-assisted therapy to provide holistic healing approach for physical, mental, emotional, social, developmental and spiritual needs.

Horses for Healing; Equine Therapy and Research Center is a pending 501c3 non-profit with PATH accredited instructors.